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Picton House and LLanddowror

Picton House has a great history and was once a posting house on the stage coach route from London to Tenby. At one time there were eleven public houses in the village where the the staff of the coaches would eat and drink. Carriages and horses where changed and repaired at Picton as it had a forge where the resident blacksmith would shoe the carriage horses. Later in its history it was home to Major St. John who held great shoots and dinners there for guests of the big houses.

Llanddowror was home to Griffith Jones, who on 22 September, 1731 proposed a Welsh School at Llanddowror, founding a movement where over two hundred thousand people where taught to read, and ultimately numbered 3495 schools. Llanddowror has great history, wonderful woodland to explore and of course an amazing nearby coast.